Land law

Lawyers of Law Firm "Martins" possesses the years of experience in the field of land law and provide legal advice to agricultural holdings, agricultural companies, farmers and farms on land use issues, legislation on water and natural resources, environmental protection. We also advise our clients on all matters of acquisition of agricultural enterprises, focusing on audit of land relations.

Our specialists develop schemes and mechanisms for allotment of land for various purposes, including to non-residents. We accompany the procedures of change of purpose, division, alienation, encumbrance of land plots.


  • drafting and structuring of any land transactions, including the acquisition of land at land auctions, contracts of lease, sublease, superficies, easements;
  • allotment and change of land plots purpose, legal registration of title transfer to the land plot on the transition of title to the real estate;
  • legal support of state registration of rights, restrictions and encumbrances of the land plots;
  • creation, registration, reorganization and termination of farms;
  • resolving land disputes;
  • support in drafting and approval of land management projects and technical documentation;
  • development of mechanisms for the land acquisition by non-residents;
  • legal support of operations on land and objects that have a special status or are of historical value;
  • legal assistance in granting, confiscation, redemption, alienation of land plots;
  • legal assistance in the establishment of in situ (on the ground) land borders, limited in use and restricted (encumbranced) by the third parties` rights (land easements);
  • support in the process of land plot allocation, changing the purpose of land plot;
  • advice on withdrawal (moving, storage) of topsoil;
  • support of land management projects on creation of new and managing the existing land tenures;
  • support of land management projects that provide ecological and economic assessment of crop rotation and streamline land;
  • establishment of the boundaries of land in kind (on the ground), division and unification of land plots;
  • establishment of the boundaries of the part of land plot covered by sublease, easement;
  • advice on land, environmental, water and forest legislation;
  • support in conducting the land expertise, land auctions.