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  • 19 October, 2016

    The managing partner of the "Martins" Law Firm Nazar Martyniuk was elected and approved as the Head of Department Ukrainian Bar Association in Vinnitsya region.

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  • 14 July, 2016

    July 14, 2016 Ukraine's Higher Administrative Court dismissed the Vinnitsa Regional State Tax Inspectorate of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine for the cassational appeal against the decision of the Vinnitsa Administrative Court of Appeal and the District Administrative Court of Vinnitsa region, which satisfied the claim of our client for recognition unlawful and repeal of tax notices-decisions and remained these court decisions in force.

    In a professional struggle with the fiscals, lawyers of our firm managed to protect the client's interests and to prove the illegality of accrued tax liabilities for more than 12 million hryvnias! A professional approach to the case and the legal support of a tax audit allowed to build an effective line of defense, and to achieve desired result.

  • 7 July, 2016

    Today we held the first of series of training seminars for businesses on tax issues. Thanks to finance director of the «Partner Group" Audit company Lilia Tepak and lawyer of our Law Firm Sergei Drobakha for participating. Great piece of work!

    UPD. Special thanks to Anna Vorozhtsov and AXIOMA Company for the professional approach to the event management.

  • 5 April, 2016

    April 05, 2016 managing partner of the "Martins" Law Firm Nazar Martyniuk took part in a seminar on tax inspections, which took place in Ivano-Frankivsk. In the speech cases of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in disputes concerning recognition of transactions unreal and the nuances of criminal liability for tax evasion were analyzed.

  • August 27, 2015

    August 27, 2015 the managing partner of the "Martins" Law Firm Nazar Martyniuk attended roundtable on tax topics held in Ivano-Frankivsk, organized by a leading Auditing Company in the Carpathian region "Partner Group". Among other things, the roundtable participants were informed about the latest trends of judicial practice in tax disputes, and proposed ways of effective judicial taxpayer’s rights protection.

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  • 17 July, 2015

    Thanks to the qualified judicial protection, "Martins" Law Firm lawyers succeeded in reducing the amount of debt recovered from the client to 1,225,975 hryvnias. In the court the illegality of conversion for goods value due to changes in exchange rates made by the plaintiff was proved.

  • 16 June, 2015

    The lawyers of the "Martins" Law Firm successfully defended the interests of the company, evacuated from the territory of Crimea, in a dispute with the Kherson Regional State Tax Inspectorate.

    Thus, upon the results of the proceedings, the court rendered a decision by which the tax order for advance installment of income tax in the amount of 334 297 UAH and the decision of property inventory to the tax lien were recognized unlawful and set aside. Tax Inspectorate is obliged to consider the cancellation of the above debts.

  • 19 November, 2014

    Some people will be lucky to get Happy New Year and Merry Christmas greetings in the form of original post-card drawn by a talented Ukrainian artist Solomia Bashtanenko made to order of the "Martins" Law Firm. You can admire her works below.

  • 7 November, 2014

    "Martins" Law Firm became a member of the Vinnitsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    The main objective of the Chamber is to create favorable conditions for entrepreneurship, promote the all-round development of science and technology and trade ties between Ukrainian businesspeople and their foreign partners, representing the interests of its members on economic activity both in Ukraine and abroad.

  • 19 March, 2014

    Managing partner of "Martins" Law Firm Nazar Martyniuk gave a report on "The Foundations of holding relations creation" at the reporting scientific conference for teachers, doctoral students, postgraduates of the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University held March, 03, 2014 in Ivano-Frankivsk indoors Law Institute.

  • 14 March, 2014

    Managing partner of the "Martins" Law Firm Nazar Martyniuk joined the Coordinating Council of the Vinnitsya Public Committee "Community against corruption." Lawyers experience will be focused on anti-corruption analysis of regulations and certain administrative procedures and professional assistance to individuals faced the corruption and bureaucracy.