Construction and real estate

The lawyers of our company assist constructors and investors, tenants and owners, lenders and borrowers in matters concerning all types of real estate in Ukraine, including construction, lease and purchase of shopping centers, office buildings, industrial facilities and premises, and resolving any kind of land issues.

We have conducted a number of projects on the acquisition and construction of real estate and have extensive experience in obtaining various permits, coordination of project documentation in state bodies and institutions of all levels and at all stages of project support, including - licenses and approvals required to carry out the construction.

Our experts assist clients with their allotment, acquisition, change of land plot`s purpose and any other issues related to land use.


  • contractual execution of any real estate transactions, including the acquisition or disposal and lease of real estate, including office space, buildings, integral property complexes, separate premises and apartment buildings, warehouses;
  • development and legal support of any land transactions, including the acquisition of land at land auctions, concluding of lease contracts, superficies, easements;
  • allotment and change of land plot purpose, legal registration of transfer title to the land plot on the transition of title to property;
  • legal audit of alienated real estate, including checking the history of real estate acquisition, analysis of real estate transactions, checking the restrictions and encumbrances on real estate, bringing the documents on real estate into compliance with the law;
  • drafting and maintenance of agreements regarding restrictions and encumbrances (including mortgages) of property, assistance in registration of restrictions and encumbrances on real property;
  • consulting on all aspects of privatization of real estate and support in privatization process, protection of rights and interests at the appeal of privatization procedures of enterprises as integral property complexes;
  • protection of investors’ rights and interests – real property owners.
  • consultation on competition law in real estate transactions, development of the optimal schemes of acquisition of integral property complexes;
  • assistance in resolving land disputes and disputes related to other real estate;
  • obtaining of permits on a purchase and lease for non-residents, transactions on land and objects that have a special status or are of historical value.

Services on construction:

  • maintenance of the procedure of obtaining all permits for construction works;
  • advice on selecting a method to fund the construction and implementation of the chosen method;
  • drafting of general contractor agreements, subcontracting to basic engineering, design, construction and other contracts (including according to standards FIDIC);
  • support of the procedure of bringing construction projects in operation, including illegally built and after renovation;
  • creation and registration of housing cooperatives and condominiums.