• Real Estate Law

    Real Estate Law
    • The legal support of any real estate transactions and agreements in the construction industry;
    • The legal audit of real estate, particularly the inspection of real estate transactions history, restrictions and encumbrances;
    • Bringing the real estate documents into compliance with the legislation requirements;
    • The legal support of the real estate privatization process;
    • Obtaining of all the permits for construction works;
    • The commissioning of construction objects in operation, legalization of illegally constructed objects;
  • Land Law

    Land Law
    • The legal support of any land transactions;
    • The allocation and change of land plots designation;
    • The legal formalization of land plot ownership transfer upon the real estate ownership transfer;
    • The state registration of rights, restrictions and encumbrances of the land plots;
    • The legal support of drafting and approval of land arrangement projects and technical documentation;
    • Consulting on land, environmental, water and forest legislation issues;
  • Corporate Law

    Corporate Law
    • Registration, reorganization and elimination of legal entities, representative offices of foreign companies and their subsidiaries in Ukraine;
    • Drafting of constituent documents, internal regulations of the company;
    • Advising on participation in a legal entity, the increase / decrease of the charter capital, alienation or mortgage of corporate rights, exclusion and the quit of the participant, succession etc.
    • The organization and holding of general meetings of participants, shareholders;
    • Legal representation in corporate disputes;
    • The legal support of mergers and acquisitions;
  • Private International Law

    Private International Law
    • Drafting of any foreign economic contracts;
    • Advising on taxation of the transactions with foreign partners;
    • Representation in arbitration proceedings with foreign partners;
    • Company registration in foreign jurisdictions with loyal tax regime;
    • The maintenance of non-residents' business activities, preparation of all necessary documents;
    • The maintenance of individuals' and legal entities' business activities in foreign jurisdictions;
  • Representation in Courts

    Representation in Courts
    • Representation in the courts of all jurisdictions, including the superiors;
    • Representation in the arbitration courts and International Commercial Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce;
    • The appeal against decisions, actions or inaction of state authorities and local self-government bodies;
    • Representation in disputes regarding the performance, termination and validity of contracts, disputes regarding the recovery of debts;
    • Representation of both a creditor and a debtor in the bankruptcy procedure;
    • Disputes with tax authorities, customs, the Antimonopoly Committee etc.
  • Tax Law

    Tax Law
    • Tax planning and elaboration of tax optimization mechanisms;
    • Advising on taxation in favorable foreign jurisdictions issues;
    • Tax consulting during corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
    • Advising on taxation of individuals, including the foreigners in Ukraine and abroad;
    • Legal support of tax inspections, appeals against inspection results to the superior tax authorities;
    • The appeals against unlawful decisions and actions of controlling authorities in court;