Tax law

Benjamin Franklin once said that only death and taxes were inevitable in this world. This emphasizes that the question of taxation is the key one in any business. In the complex, contradictory and changing tax legislation, the need for efficient and effective tax consulting increases.

Our experts will help with the analysis of tax risks associated with various transactions, will monitor the judicial practice of tax law application, will help with the development of tax optimization measures, including companies registered in foreign tax jurisdictions, will consult on how to avoid a double taxation when in the process of international transactions, and etc.

Our experts will not only develop effective and efficient solutions in the field of tax law, but will also introduce it into effect in practice.


  • tax advice on international taxation in favorable foreign jurisdictions;
  • tax advice on the planning and implementation of corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions;
  • advice on the taxation of individuals, including foreigners in Ukraine and abroad;
  • advice on the taxation of transactions with foreign counterparties, the application of international agreements on avoidance of double taxation, taxation of income of non-residents with origin from Ukraine;
  • legal support of tax audits, responding to requests of tax authorities;
  • preparation of objections to acts of inspection and appeal of the results of audits of tax authorities;
  • counseling and representation of clients in courts of all levels against the tax notices, decisions on the calculation of tax liabilities;
  • appeal against unlawful decisions and actions of regulatory authorities in the courts;
  • tax planning and the development of mechanisms of tax optimization.